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Vision Statement

of Speedway Christian Church


Speedway Christian Church Vision

Speedway Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is called by God to be a faith community brought together through worship, works and spirit to know, to live, to serve as disciples, inviting all people to grow in the love of God.


To live out this vision, Speedway Christian Church will:

  • nourish its members, friends and visitors and equip them to seek greater spiritual depth,
  • make deliberate efforts to be welcoming to all and a blessing to the neighborhood around us,
  • joyfully spread the good news of Jesus through biblically based worship, study, outreach, pastoral care, and service near and far,
  • serve the spiritual needs of young people, the long-term future of our church, as well as ministering to the needs of long-time members,    
  • become an even stronger church five years from now than it is today as it evolves into the church it is called to be in the 21st century.



Draft version: June 13, 2011