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Financial-Regular Giving


Regular Giving


Speedway Christian Church looks to its members and friends for regular financial support of the work of the church. For details on the current stewardship campaign 2024 Full Moon of Giving please click here

Pledged Giving/Pledging

Filling out a pledge card is a time-honored way for the church to be able to anticipate income and plan its budget.  Church members and friends fill out a pledge card, where they indicate their level of financial commitment to the church for the coming year.  Typically, the “pledge campaign” occurs at the beginning of the year. Pledge cards are available here, or in the north lobby wooden kiosk, and from the church office. 

Unpledged Giving

While many people choose to fill out a pledge card, others prefer not to make a formal pledge but give according to their own timetable. 

Questions or concerns?  

Please contact your local bank or the church office (317-244-7656) to discuss automatic withdrawals.

Electronic Withdrawals

A number of persons have moved to the convenience of automatic, electronic withdrawal from their checking or other accounts for the benefit of the church.