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Men's Bible Study


Men’s Bible Study

At each meeting of Men’s Bible Study we take a few verses of the text we are studying and discuss them.  We have no agenda or schedule and at any meeting may discuss a few verses or a few chapters.  At times our discussions lead to subjects not directly related to the current text.  We enjoy a diversity of opinion in the group and welcome all perspectives in our discussions. Some actively engage in the discussions while others enjoy listening to the views of others.

We understand that the text may mean different things to each of us and strive to help each participant gain a more meaningful personal understanding of the text. The group has no formal discussion leader-each week someone will ask a question or make an observation about the verses being studied and our discussion progresses from there. Those who attend feel that this is an important part of their religious life and are excited about it.

Men’s Bible Study meets every other Monday from 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. in the Bethany Room. The size of the group that meets varies but is usually from 6-10 and we are currently offering a Zoom alternative.