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    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2021

    Rev. Kyle Hunter
    Sermon: Our Invitation to Act
    Scripture: Acts 9:10-19

    The entirety of Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles began with the willingness of Ananias to act. God spoke to Ananias telling him to go to the house of Judas and to look for a man of Tarsus, named Saul. It was Ananias’ actions that allowed the scales to fall from Saul’s eyes, resulting in the good news of Jesus Christ going to places and peoples who were once thought of as outsiders. How might we follow in Ananias’ example? 


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    There are currently 6,600 Afghan refugees being temporarily housed at Camp Atterbury. The need for clothing, shoes, and children and baby items is great. 

    You or your congregation can help provide for the immediate needs of the Afghan refugees at Camp Atterbury by donating to Team Rubicon, our partners in serving this community. 

    Please refer to this current list of culturally-appropriate needs.

    You may shop online and have your purchases shipped directly 

    to the camp from the following three registries:

    Walmart Registry 

    Amazon Baby Registry

    Amazon - Resettlement Needs  

    If you do not wish to shop from the online registries, here are other donation options:

    • There are nine National Guard armory locations around the state where donations can be dropped. You can find the list of locations and hours in Thursday’s email of The Weekly Update as well as on SCC’s homepage at org.


    • Make arrangements with Mark Parkinson (765-744-9772) to drop your donations at Union Christian Church in Franklin or with Kyrmen Rea (317-408-9782) to drop your donations at Trafalgar Christian Church or her home in Greenwood.


    • If you have a very large donation (more than a pick-up truck load), contact Kyrmen Rea (317-408-9782) about how you can transport your donations directly to Atterbury.





    This group normally meets every Monday at noon in the Bethany Room of the church.  You can also join by Zoom.

    Please contact the church office for the Zoom link information.



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