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     Thursday, February 29 @ 6:30pm

    Sunday, March 3, @ 8:15am and 10:15am



    Third Sunday in Lent



     Exodus 20:1-17

    Sermon: Covenant, The Decalogue
    Rev. Kyle Hunter

    Bulletin: Click HERE

    As we enter into week three of this Lenten season, we continue to explore the concept of covenant. We began the conversation last week as we looked at the covenant that God made with Noah, Noah’s descendants and all of creation. We followed that up by looking into the covenant that God made with Abraham and Sarah. This week we shift gears a little bit and look at The Decalogue (“ten words”) or what we more commonly call the Ten Commandments. We continue to ask what does it mean to be in covenant? How do we define a covenantal relationship? How does this all relate to Lent? See you in church as we continue to ask these questions.

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    This group normally meets every Monday at noon in the Bethany Room of the church.  You can also join by Zoom.

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