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Perpetual Fund


Perpetual (Endowment) Fund

The endowment fund of Speedway Christian Church is called the “Perpetual (Endowment) Fund.”  Members’ and friends’ monetary gifts to the fund are invested by the Christian Church Foundation, the investment arm of our denomination. 

Earnings on these monies are earmarked annually for four designated groups within Speedway Christian Church (i.e. Capital Improvement Fund, Membership and Evangelism, World Outreach, and the operational budget). The original monetary gifts remain unspent, and as any additional gifts are received, the endowment fund continues to increase.

The Perpetual (Endowment) Fund accepts donations of any amounts.  Make checks out to Speedway Christian Church and indicate “Perpetual (Endowment) Fund” in the note area. If you wish, arrangements can be made for ongoing, automatic withdrawals from your checking account to this fund. 

Pledges to the Perpetual (Endowment) Fund are accepted and encouraged. Here is a link to the current pledge card.

 Questions or concerns?  Contact the business manager at the church office at 317-244-7656 or any Perpetual (Endowment) Fund Trustee.

 Send donations to:

Church Office
Speedway Christian Church
5110 West 14th Street
Speedway, IN 46224