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Church World Service

Outreach of Speedway Christian Church


Informed and active citizens – people who think critically and put their faith into action – can help to build a better world for all God’s children.

The CWS connection to partners around the world informs and inspires our work in education and advocacy – both of which are essential components as we confront the root causes of hunger.  By raising awareness about hunger, poverty, water access, trade, human rights, climate change, peace building and other issues in our Speak Out alerts, CWS brings the voices and priorities of our partners and constituents into the halls of churches, community groups, and our government.

In the area of climate change, for example, CWS is working shoulder-to-shoulder with environmental organizations and other church-related relief and development agencies to promote policies that for equitable solutions to the challenges ahead.

Speedway Christian Church partners with CWS in many areas including:

  • Crop Walk for Hunger
  • Blankets+
  • Alternative Giving

Additional information on the wide range of activities associated with CWS is available at: