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Renovation Fund


In 2001, the Speedway Christian Church building underwent a major, $2.1 million renovation to increase accessibility to the church for all persons.

A new elevator was installed. The parking lot entrance was widened and lowered to ground level so persons of all abilities might join us for worship and fellowship. Broom closet-sized restrooms became roomy, modern spaces that were wheelchair accessible. Lighting was improved. A wasted, unusable area between two buildings became a welcoming, gathering place, our Hall of Light.

 Since 2000, members and friends of Speedway Christian Church have been faithfully paying down the renovation debt. As of summer 2019, 90% of the renovation debt has been paid, leaving about $220,000 in principal still owed.

 We are now in the final stage of paying off the renovation mortgage and cannot wait! For nearly 100 years, Speedway Christian Church has been a presence in our community, bringing God’s Love to the neighborhood and beyond. With your help we will continue to touch lives while occupying our church building, whether it is through worship, study, outreach, or service.

 Join our fellow members and friends of Speedway Christian Church in retiring the renovation debt for good.

Pledges to the Renovation Fund are accepted and encouraged. Here is a link to the current pledge card. 

Financial gifts in any amount are welcome at any time. Donations may be sent to:

Renovation Fund
Speedway Christian Church
5110 W. 14th Street
Speedway, IN 46224


Questions? Concerns?  Contact the business manager at the church office at (317) 244-7656.